The final step is complete....

A thank you to all the breeders, owners, exhibitors and handlers who were courageous enough to show their dogs in an often unwelcoming AKC conformation environment. And heartfelt appreciation to all the Judges who were bold enough to recognize these dogs as quality examples of the Rottweiler breed and to award them points on their way to AKC Championships!

We know it will still be a challenge to finish the un docked Rottweilers in AKC, but with the standard change, the judges can no longer display blatant disrespect, say they have no description of the tail, deem the dog as lacking merit or breed type all because they have a natural tail.

Teresa you did a fantastic job putting this album together for us to enjoy and share.

31 of us. Forever a special group. We made history. We were Trailblazers...


WE DID IT!!!! The standard change to add a discription of the undocked Rottweiler tail passed!!!

Ballots received : 576
Votes to approve : 422
Votes to not approve: 154

We appreciate everyone's hard work and devotion make this happen
and thank you to all who voted to add this to our breed's standard.

Undocked Rottweiler Tail Discription Passes 01 April 2022


The Petition to Open the AKC Rottweiler Standard has Successfully been Submitted
to American Rottweiler Club and is now Following the Process set Forth
by the American Kennel Club for all Standard Revisions

Please keep in mind, the addition of the undocked tail description does not affect any of us who want
to keep docking, it only includes in our standard the description and faults for breeders and judges

Letter for ARC Standard Ballot Final 14 Feb 2022

Judges Message in Support of Ballot 20 Feb 2022

Ballot Letter Emailed to Petition Signers 21 Feb 2022

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